The area is facilitated with a clean atmosphere, peaceful green vegetation, planned housing, and easy access including a private water supply. Children transportation facilities are available with normal charges which encourage parents/guardians to admit their children even if they are at the suburbs from Kalimati, Teku, New road, Ganeshthan, Swayambhu, Chhauni, Bafal, Soalteemood, Balkhu, Oriental Colony, Kalanki, Dhugeadda, Civil home II, Sitapiala, Sanepa to be named few.

The modern building contains private washrooms and an air cooler almost in each classroom. The rooms are ventilated in all directions with larger in size which makes the children feel fresh and energetic all day long. Large green playgrounds, modern and meaningful in and outdoor play materials are to be meant for physical and mental relaxation. Seasonal flowers, trees, seasonal fruits add more beauty to the practical education system where children explore different kinds of outdoor activities. Close to nature nourishes the tiny brain to develop the consciousness of the environment, personal hygiene, and practical life exercise.

About Kuleshwor wings

In-charge : Divya Baidhya


School hour:

Sunday - Saturday: 11:00 - 16:00

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