“A Leading Montessori Chain of schools in Nepal managed under renowned Trainer Mrs. Sushma Subba(Lama)”

Through this agreement the franchisee has the right to market the product/service using the operating methods of the franchiser. The franchisee has the obligation to pay the franchisor fees for these rights and the franchiser the obligation to provide rights and support to the franchisees. Advantages of franchise There are numerous advantages of owning your own franchise business.

  • We, franchise provide franchisees with a certain level of independence where one can operate our service.
  • We provide an established and renowned service which already enjoys widespread brand name recognition BEST’s Montessori Chain of Schools.
  • This gives the franchisee the benefits of customer awareness which would ordinarily take years to establish.


A franchise increases your chances of business success because you are associating with successful and proven method in early childhood education.

  • We offer your organization the attraction of a certain level of quality and consistency because it will be mandated by the franchise agreement.
  • We offer important support such as:

a) Montessori teacher’s trainings, theme education, workshops.
b) Continual supply of Montessori curriculum throughout the year.
c) School management and operating procedures.
d) Support in designing Montessori school and infrastructure.
E) Promotion and advertising.
f) Ongoing supervision and guidance.
Your school will be: Nepal’s first Chain of Montessori schools and opportunity to be part of reputed pre-school chain.

  • Owned and managed by highly qualified & most experienced management team in the preschool industry.
  • Sense of ownership as each branch has its own individual name identity.
  • Goodwill among the parents means they are willing to pay a premium for the brand.
  • Goodwill among the media ensures better coverage in press.
  • A growing market Awareness for quality preschool growing
  • All cash business No credit
  • No stress of unsold inventory & wastage
  • Respect from the community
  • High degree of satisfaction as you are giving a foundation to so many children’s lives

Interested school or individual may contact at:- Department Franchise


Kuleshwor, Kathmandu.

phone:4031691 Mobile:9866247933