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About Our School

BEST’s MONTESSORI CHAIN OF SCHOOLS(The only Montessori Elementary School being officially registered in the country) was established in the year of 2005 A.D. aimed at upgrading each classes every year ultimately to meet at high secondary level.

The school provides a better learning environmment with Montessori trained teachers from its sister concern Best's montessori Trainning Center. The Curriculum not necessarily limits itself on the theoritical knowledge bit focuses fully on the Montessori practical aspects which in fact plays a major role to develop children holistically. We give top priority and attention to each students and transform them to be realistic plus a better human being.

BEST's MONTESSORI CHILDREN's HOUSE (CHAIN OF MONTESSORI PRE-SCHOOLS), leading Montessori school in Nepal with the real Montessori Method are managed under BEST's MONTESSORI TRAINING CENTER, a nenowned name where more than 10,000 teachers are trained, working abroad and in entire nation.

At Present (2022), We are running 5 (Five) children's houses sucessfully in the valley including an Elementary School to fulfill the increasing demand of the parents and guardians. Opeaning a new children houses will be continued, if essential to facilitate the parent and guardians.

Best Montessori

"Whereever you shift, your child doesnot have to change school."